Can anyone join the chat even if they are not on the URL Directory?


Of course! :)

Posted 1 year ago

Why can't we chat everyday?


We can! Feel free, the chat’s always open :) It’s not a rule that the chats only happen during airtime, but that’s when it’s most likely that people will show up because we’re all doing the same thing at the same time.

Guess what!

I’m going to figure out how to livestream videos! Then once I do, here’s what I’m thinking:

Each Wednesday before the next episode airs, we have a chat meetup where we watch the last aired episode together while we wait for the upcoming one. Then we can hang around while we watch the new episode and chat about it!


Hello and welcome to SupernaturalChat’s premier chat party!Pull up a chair, get your tea and your cat, sign into the chat room and be prepared for an excessive use of caps from all participants. A few rules:

  • Please use a font color and style that is readable
  • Be respectful
  • If you’d like to roleplay, head over to the roleplay chat room — keeps things a little less chaotic

It’s very possible that the first chat room will get too crowded. If you sign in and see a scary amount of names on the chat roster, simply sign out and head over to the second chat room. And if the second chat room is too full, too, go to the third chat room. File down until you find a chat room that isn’t packed to the point of explosion. There is also a link to a corresponding Tinychat, if you’d like to video chat with people.

Feel free to stay during the premier, as well! There’s a link to a good livestream in the sidebar. We can scream at each other all night.


I'll be at church when supernatural airs, will anybody be uploading the new episode right after it airs on Meagashares? if not I can wait till morning. -A


I’m not sure — I’ve never figured out how pirated uploads work and I don’t know anyone who’s planning to upload the episode so I’m not really the best person to ask, but maybe some followers will see this post and be able to help out?

It won't let me join D: It just keeps freezing up after I input a nickname.


It might be that your chosen username is too long, or it could have something to do with your internet connection. Also, it’s not often that this happens but sometimes the chat server will be unreachable.

Will the chatroom be a Tinychat or like wut.

It’ll be a text chat room — it’s embedded into a page on the blog, and there’s a link in the side bar. I will, however, link to a tinychat there, as well. And I’ll set up multiple embedded chat rooms, in case things get crowded in the first one.

hey guys



if impallac had a car baby


My friend who’s really into classic cars (and had no idea what I was talking about) said that if the Impala and the Cadillac had a car baby, it would be a 67 Galaxie

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